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Everestwalk Groups, established on 2019, has a track record of successful business establishment with various national and international clients. Started with the vision to make education accessible to all the children from any part of the country, we have also marked our footprint in e-commerce, government projects, other service based customizable software in national and international market.

Why SmartNagar

Smart Nagar is essential for modern governance as it bridges the gap between traditional administrative practices and the demands of an increasingly interconnected world. In today’s digital age, efficient and responsive governance relies on streamlined processes, real-time data insights, and citizen engagement. Smart Nagar provides a comprehensive platform that digitizes and automates municipal workflows, facilitating quicker and more accurate decision-making, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing citizen services. By integrating technology into governance, Smart Nagar empowers local authorities to manage urban complexities effectively, respond promptly to citizen needs, and harness data-driven strategies for sustainable urban development. Ultimately, Smart Nagar’s role extends beyond administrative convenience to foster transparent, citizen-centric, and forward-looking governance that not only meets the challenges of today but also lays the foundation for resilient and prosperous communities in the future.

We Provide a Wide Range of Services

Smart Nagar is build by Everestwalk Groups, which is an IT company. We have build multiple projects along with SmartNagar. If you are looking to build tech for your venture then get connected. We are open for collaboration.




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