How It Works?

Our Process

Need Assessment

We start by thoroughly understanding the customer’s challenges and needs, conducting a comprehensive assessment to identify pain points and areas for improvement.


Solution Consultation

Our experts engage in detailed consultations with the customer, discussing potential solutions and strategies that address their specific requirements and align with their goals.


Customization & Iteration

 Leveraging our expertise, we tailor the system to match the customer’s exact needs, integrating necessary features and functionalities to create a solution that’s optimized for their workflow.


Result Delivery

Once the customization is complete, we deliver the refined system to the customer, ensuring seamless implementation and transition to the upgraded platform.



We provide comprehensive training sessions to empower the customer’s team with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize the customized system, maximizing its potential benefits.


Outreach and Support

Our support doesn’t end with delivery and training. We maintain an ongoing relationship with the customer, offering continuous support, updates, and assistance to ensure their success in utilizing the system for enhanced efficiency and results.

Digital Profiling Process

One Time Survey

Offline based Survey, questionnaire is developed on the basis of requirement.

Ghar ID is given to each household

Ghar ID given during the survey will also act as that family’s user id to log in into the app.

Data collected is analysed

Data collected is then analyzed and presented in different graphical formats for easy understanding

Displayed in Different Dashboard

Analyzed data are displayed according to need and requirement by different user categories; municipality, ward and public.




Satisfied Customers






Smart Nagar is a project designed to digitalize the municipality using the latest technology. This is a project that connects the local government with the public. 

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